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Sale update! [ 1/25 06; ummagumma.]


MODS: please feel free to delete this if you feel it's totally out of place


Alrighty, I'm selling a bunch of my CDs, and I'll list them by condition and price. The price includes shipping and stuff.

Excellent condition - $10

Crypticus - "Dedicated to the Impure"

Finntroll - "Nattfodd"

Finntroll - "Jaktens Tid"

Ghoul - "Maniaxe"

The Great Kat - "Bloody Vivaldi"

Impaled - "Death After Life"

Vader - "Black to the Blind"

Everything else - $8 (These CDs have minor scratches that DO NOT effect play, or just cracks in the cases)

Acid Bath - "Paegan Terrorism Tactics"

Acid Bath - "When the Kite String Pops"

Andrew W.K. - "I Get Wet"

Iron Maiden - "Dance of Death"

Iron Maiden - "Brave New World"

Iron Maiden - "Fear of the Dark"

Iron Maiden - "Somewhere in Time"

Iron Maiden - "Powerslave"

Misfits - "Project 1950" (this comes with a bonus DVD of a few of the songs live)

Misfits - "Famous Monsters"

Misfits - "Earth A.D."

My Dying Bride - "Songs of Darkness Words of Light"

My Dying Bride - "Like Gods of the Sun"

Nevermore - "Dead Heart in a Dead World"

Rhapsody - "Power of the Dragonflame"

Rhapsody - "Symphony of Enchanted Lands"

Shining Fury - "Last Sunrise"

Sonata Arctica - "Ecliptica"

Static-X - "Machine"

Symphorce - "Godspeed" (there are a couple scratches on the CD that look serious but aren't, I actually got the CD that way)

Vader - "Revelations"

Second hand $5 (I bought these used so these are extra cheap)

Bruce Dickinson - "Accident of Birth"

Bruce Dickinson - "Alive in Studio A" (this is a 2 CD set)

Static-X - "Push It" (maxi-single)


Free (You pay nothing I will ship these to you for free, it's just that the cases are damaged and you shouldn'y have to pay for that)

Fear Factory - "Obsolete" (Not too much damage to the case, a few cracks, but the case looks kinda yucky)

Static-X - "Wisconsin Death Trip" (There's one big crack and couple smaller cracks on the case, and when you open the case, the cover falls off >.>)

Sugar Ray - "Floored" (I lost the case it came in, so it's in a CD case for another band I lost the CD to)


I'm also selling shirts!

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We all shine on [ 7/25 05; ummagumma.]


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supercoool [ 8/13 05; ummagumma.]

My dad was digging around in a shoe box today and found a ticket to a Bob Dylan concert he went to back in '78. With opening act "Eric Clapton and his band" like whaaaat? I would kill to see them together. And do you knowww how much he paid for that concert? About 12 bucks. HAH. Ohh the good ol' days. He also pulled out a picture of mick on stage too. And he neeever told me that he saw the stones. He paid about 15 bucks for that show.

luckky huh?
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omgomg [ 8/9 05; ummagumma.]

I think i get to see peter frampton in october!!! yay. Keep ur fingers crossed that nothing screws up and that I'll be able to gooo. :)
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We all Shine on [ 4/8 05; ummagumma.]

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[ 4/21 05; ummagumma.]


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We all shine on. [ 5/16 05; ummagumma.]


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[ 6/29 05; ummagumma.]

So. I've got some cool stuff to share.

My mum acutally works with Eric Claptons sister. I know most of you probably won't believe me but its true.
My dads best friend used to have a popular recording studio and he used to jam with bands like the Who and Clapton.
And the same friend used to be a backing guitarest for the Who!!!

Sweet, eh?

x-posted to a lot of places.
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today.. [ 5/30 05; ummagumma.]

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~1990- paul simon got married

~ 1980- Carl Radle (derek and the dominoes)  died

~1968- the beatles started to record the white album

listen to the music.

[ 4/25 05; ummagumma.]

I made some icons. :)

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