Sugar Magnolia (usedtoloveher) wrote in genuinerocker,
Sugar Magnolia

*what's your name?!- Kevin Michael Mckenna..Aka weezie.

* where you live chicago

* age 16

* Post at least 3 pictures;(opt) pictures of anything you think will convince us you
rock... something like an awesome record or something.

me..yeah my only pic it’s from about half a year ago
Image hosted by
poster hanging in my room, rocking cool.
Image hosted by

My Tattoos
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
* your top 3 bands (if you want you can add more) Guns N Roses, Jimi Hendrix, AC/DC, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Motorhead, Rolling Stones, T. Rex, Motley Crue, New York Dolls, The Ramones, 13th floor elevators, Iggy and the Stooges, SRV and Double Trouble, Lynyrd Skynyrd

* your top 3 albums-- Guns N Roses- Lies, Jimi Hendrix- Axis Bold As Love, Aerosmith- Toys in the Attic

* least favorite band-- Metallica

* most attractive classic rock artist-- Brian Jones, Slash, or Jim Morrison

* most charismatic front man-- Jim Morrison

* if your life had a soundtrack, what songs would you use
Used To Love Her// Guns N Roses
Sympathy for the Devil// Rolling Stones
Passenger// Iggy
Bang it on (get a gong)// T. Rex
Pills// New York Dolls
Hurricane// Bob Dylan
Black Magic Woman// Carlos Santana
One Toke Over the Line// Brewer and Shipley

* favorite lyrics- "She Bitched so much, she drove me nuts"

* how long you've been a fan- all my life! My pop took me to see Guns N Roses when I was a youngster, and he’s taking to many concerts up until the past two years, where I’ve been starting to go on my own cause he’s going deaf.

* whats your first classick rock album- Rocks// Aerosmith

* current favorite song-- Used To Love Her// Guns N Roses

* anything else you might like to say to us. haha my school sucks, emo’s in it’s lame. I need some rock and roll love.

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hell fucking yes man
haha thanks a lot

Deleted comment

danke schonn!
the doors... :)
haha hell yeah.
u fucking SAW guns n roses??? ahhh I would kill to see those boys..but not now, because the neww "gnr" aint so great in my opinion. (how could you have gnr without slashduffizzy?)

Really? GnR Lies is ur favorite? I have all the others except that one. Guess I'll have to buy it, eh?

I think we allll need some rock n roll love lmao. My school is all preps/emos too. :/
hahah yeah my pop took me when i was wayyyy young, i don't even remember it, but he's still got the ticket stubs i was amazed when he showed them to me.

which gnr album is your favorite?

and if you're ever in the chicago region that'd be totally awesome if we met up or met eachother or something, and do you mind if i add you to my normal friends list? haha
Mmm I really like UYI 2 right now (just b/c i love "get in the ring" and "shotgun blues")...But i think AFD is my all-time favorite. :)

Chicago...I've actually never been there. I do have family up north so maybe i could take a detour, eh? hehe. :)

ofcourse you can add me. :) I'll add you back.

ohh. u like stevie ray vaughan too? AND ur favorite album is Axis bold as love??? I swear... We should get married. hahaha
haha oh man, i was totally going to say the same thing. sheesh, why can't any of the cooool girls live around here? i mean honest it's completely lame all the girls around here like Death Cab for Cutie or some such crap i want them all to drop deal. ugh haha they're music taste just -dies- it's noooooo gooood.
ahh forreal! All of the guys at my school are all into rap and emo shit. And then I dressed up as Axl Rose for halloween (my friend was was awesome) only a few of the older guys knew who I was. Isn't that lame? You should move to Louisiana, and together we could be the cool people haha.
hahah hell yeah, I dressed as Jimi Hendrix last year, and Jim Morrison the year before the kids haddd no idea.
isnt that saddd? Ah, people today wouldnt know good music if it kicked them in the ass. forreal. Except today I noticed lots of people wearing rolling stones shirts. Maybe its just a fad...but it would be sorta neat if the kids were ACTUALLY listening to the stone. :)
haha yeah, i think it's just a fad it's happening around here too. but i mean maybe it'll make fans out of a couple kids so i have someoneeeee to talk to. hahahaha
I knowww. I'm dying over here! There's like 2 guys who are into classic rock. well, 3 i guess. And that's like IT. One's like obsessed with sex, one i dont know very that leaves me ONE person to talk to. lmao.

Yea i've noticed the beatles shirts a lot too. It's sorta weirding me out. I saw this one acdc shirt and it was all pastel-colored and cutesy. I just about had a cow. I guess you can call me a purist but forreal...acdc? pastel??? no way. haha
hahaha yeah it's like having ac/dc come off as a grateful dead type band it makes me sick! and the beatles were good. but i think they've just been blown up wayyyy to big. i mean look at the stones they're just as good if not better, and they hardly get the same publicity.
finally! someone who agrees with me. I do think the beatles are a tad overrated. haha. I guess because they are not so contraversial/decadent/whatever as other bands that companies make all this merchandise and stuff and everyone buys it because they're not reaaallly standing out of the crowd by saying they listen to the beatles. Anyways, I liked the Beatles for they're catchy tunes and such, but (much like my dad) I always was a Stones girl. :)
yeah for the stones! my pop is a huge stones fan as well. he enjoys the beatles but he said they were too pretty he needed something more down to earth so he always told me to listen to the stones.
haha pretty much the same here. My mom was obsessed with the beatles..I guess my dad thought they were a girlie band. lmao
haha my mum liked the turtles, and the zombies and such haha.
haha. yea my mom likes like simon and garfunkel, the beatles, crosby stills and nash, cat stevens. hahaha. can't say theyre my favorites. ;)