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We all Shine on

* what's your name?! jennifer halbach a.k.a rockgurujen (when i'm on the radio)
* where you live connecticut
* age 19
* Post at least 3 pictures;(opt) pictures of anything you think will convince us you
rock... something like an awesome record or something.

Image hosted by
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* your top 3 bands (if you want you can add more) led zeppelin,the who, the small faces, love, the rolling stones, janis joplin, jimi hendrix, the beatles, david bowie, ccr, simon and garfunkel, heart, ac/dc, cream ...etc
* your top 3 albums who's next-the who, dark side of the moon-floyd, led zeppelin 4
* least favorite band in the world? Metallica
* most attractive classic rock artist roger daltrey or the Plan t
* most charismatic front man robert plant
* if your life had a soundtrack, what songs would you use

babe, i'm gonna leave you-led zep
Pretty things-David Bowie
Crazy on You-Heart
angel-jimi hendrix

* favorite lyrics "You need coolin, baby i'm not foolin, gonna send ya back to schoolin'"
* how long you've been a fan of classic rock music? my whole life! i've been listening to it every since i was young
* whats your first classic rock album dark side of the moon
* current favorite songWhole Lotta love

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